Cancellation/Refund Policy

Damaged during delivery, or not the correct ordered:
You can return your purchase to us if it has been damaged during delivery or isn't what you ordered.
We will issue a full refund or a replacement at no additional cost.

Refund policy
We do not currently offer a refund policy. We will only consider refunds for exceptional circumstances. 

Cancelling a subscription
If you ordered a magazine subscription and find the magazine is not for you then we are happy to refund any unmailed issues.
We only offer cancellations to subscribers in the UK taking a one or two year subscription. It is not applicable for 4 and 8 month subscriptions.

We are unable to offer cancellations to EU and Rest of World residents at this time.

Due to card and cheque processing, we will deduct 10% off your subscription refund total due. To help us process your request more quickly, please supply your full name, address. Please note, we do not accept cancellations via email. 

Customer Services team are always happy to help:

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